Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 10 Worst Gaming Accessories of All-Time

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#10-SNES and Sega Genesis-Aura Interactor
The best of the worst is the Aura Interactor. It was a vest that turned low frequency sounds into momentum that would thump you while you played. The thing actually worked (sort of), and was pretty well received by virtual reality geeks, but there was really no point for 2D console games. It couldn't differentiate between background noise and game sounds, so what it ended up doing was vibrating the whole entire game. Getting thumped while playing Mario or Sonic won't really make the experience much better. Plus, the pricetag scared people off, this thing cost around $160.

#9-All Wii Accessories
Coming in at #9 is...all of the Wii accessories. Wii probably has the largest library of accessories of any console in history, and 99% of them do nothing. All these stupid Wii sports attachments are just ploys to make money off of kids and stupid rich parents. Nintendo really attempted to cash in with the Wii Motion Plus, which just made the Wii remote function in the way it should have in the first place.

It doesn't stop there. They try to sell us stupid Wii remote grips, things that take your pulse, and Nunchuks that you need to play nearly every game, but for some reason they don't just come with the Wiimote. Great job cashing in Nintendo.

Look at this hilarious video from CTA Digital, the makers of the Wii bowling ball:

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