Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Most Underrated Game Consoles of All Time

Sega Dreamcast
The Sega Dreamcast have been called underrated for so long it has become overrated. The thing is, it may not be underrated now, but in it's time people missed out on a great console. Dreamcast came out far earlier than PS2 or Xbox, and had similar hardware. They also had a lot of great titles,  it just never got the love it deserved, because after other consoles came out Sega just gave up on it.

Nintendo 64
I don't understand why Nintendo 64 is not talked about among the greatest consoles of all time. It moved us into the 3D era seamlessly, as Mario and Link seemed like they had been in 3D all along. It brought plenty of classics from Super Mario 64 to Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Gamecube
Gamecube was overshadowed by PS2, the all-time best selling console, and Xbox. It is the worst selling consoles in Nintendo history next to the Virtual boy, and yet it was still a great console. It had some great first-party games, and some games that I would put up as some of the best Nintendo has ever produced. Its cute little purple design was different too.

Gameboy Color
Handhelds are grossly underrated, because a great handheld can take the world by storm. I would say Gameboy Color was a great handheld. In a world of 3D gaming it managed to carve out a niche for itself and sell like crazy. The Pokemon series pretty much carried it on it's back, but there are a lot of Gameboy Color games that I could play for hours.

Playstation Portable
The Playstation Portable got its ass kicked by DS, but I still believe it is a great handheld. Its screen was giant and vibrant, and PSP's had so many capabilities that DS just did not have. The design wasn't very comfortable and the joysticks were hard to control, but bringing more serious games to the palm of our hands was different.


Anonymous said...

The N64 underrated? You're wrong about it, it's universally regarded as one of the best consoles of all time, definitely top 5.

b811f202-7f21-11e0-be13-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Those are pretty good choices

Anonymous said...

Other than the dreamcast most people I I know would consider these some of the best systems, I still know people who are going out and buying N64's. And paying upwards off $100to for certain games.

Anonymous said...

None of the Nintendo consoles mentioned is underrated.

Yes, the N64 moved some of Nintendo's franchises into 3D and gave us great first party games, and it's remembered exactly for that. When people criticize it, they're talking about its number of issues caused by it using the cartridge format, as well as its rather limited game library. And they're on spot on that. In other words, the N64 is both remembered and respected for what it did, and criticized and mocked for the areas where it failed. That doesn't sound like being underrated to me.

The GBC would be underrated if it had come out earlier. People had been asking for a Color Game Boy for ages before it came out, and Nintendo waited too long to listen to them. By the time it came out, it should have been a bigger upgrade than just a Game Boy with color graphics. I'll admit that I have a soft spot for the GBC for giving us G/S/C, the best Pokémon game ever, though.

And the GC only gave us a few great first party titles, most of which were just rehashes of previous games (Super Mario Sunshine and SSBM come to mind). In fact, the only original and innovative exclusive GC titles that I can think of are Zelda: TWW and Pikmin, and I never saw the appeal of the later, which I consider overrated. Also, the GC's third party support was pretty much nonexistent.

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