Sunday, July 29, 2012

EA is Trying to Bring NBA Live Back, Will It Compare to NBA 2k13?

As some readers know, I've never really been a fan of EA Sports games. They live off the name they made early on, and have never really made a high quality basketball game for the 360. They seem to thrive off an arcade style of play, which some like, but I'm a sports guy. As a sports guy, I want to play the most realistic game of any sport I'm playing.

NBA 2k destroyed NBA Live, literally. They stopped the production of the game, because honestly, Live could not compare. After a failed NBA Elite project, Live is trying to make a comeback in 2013, but is anyone really excited?

Honestly 2k13 will most likely be the best basketball game to date, Live will at best be a footnote, and at worst, another fail for EA. I honestly don't care what type of features EA is hyping up for this edition, because they did the exact same thing with Elite. "Oh, we made a better way to pass, or dribble, or shoot." They will still come out with cartoonish graphics, and an arcadish style, where real player tendencies are not in effect.

I know 2k12 was not a perfect game by any means. There is a lot of 4th quarter and end of shotclock computer cheese, over use of animations, and a lot of contact layups, but still it is a lot more polished than anything i've ever seen EA produced. From the gameplay I've seen of both games, 2k looks to have fixed a lot of problems they had before, and Live does not look anywhere near finished.

We have awhile to wait before both games are released, but I would be hesitant to pickup Live 13 over 2k13 until we see if the hype from EA is warranted. If Live takes it's crown back, I guess I'll change over to a NBA Live fanboy.

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