Sunday, July 29, 2012

Best Console Game Series of This Generation

From Halo 1 to Reach, Halo has created one of the biggest fanbases of any game ever created. It makes its name off of fast paced multiplayer and a great story involving everyones favorite space marine, Master Chief.

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Mass Effect
Mass Effect has an absolutely EPIC storyline in which you take control of Commander Shepard. Shepard is the most deadly human ever, and along with other characters, you take on a series of intergalactic missions all to protect humanity, and earth, from destruction.

Gears of War
Gears of War is the most popular 3rd person shooter on consoles. It single handedly repopularized 3rd person shooters in terms of online multiplayer, because it had great, different multiplayer. Also a solid story keeps the game listed as one of the best shooters around.

God of War
God of War is one of the greatest action series to ever grace consoles, and I'm not the only one who thinks that. Kratos is an absolute bloodthirsty monster, and the story keeps unfolding and unfolding before your eyes. The aspect of greek mythology is very interesting, and is a great setting for this type of game.

If you don't think this game should be on this list, then you either don't have a PS3 or don't have a brain. Killzone is pretty much PS3's response to Halo and Gears of War. A great series with a great story, and even better multiplayer, it is different than pretty much any other FPS out there.

Games with great stories seem to like to make it on these types of lists. Uncharted is a great PS3 game, one of the best on the console. It does this from it's mix of great gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a diverse and different story. Uncharted just does things that other games don't do, it's the type of game that just sucks you in and keeps you in until you complete it.

The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls are looked over because it is mainly a PC series, but with Oblivion and Skyrim both absolute hits on Xbox and PS3, you can't even look over these games. They are expansive, beautiful, enthralling fantasy games. The world is so open that you feel you can do anything, and you can have hours of fun without even doing one main story mission.

Resident Evil
Resident Evil just pumps out games like nobody's business. Honestly, there seems to be a new one like every year. People who haven't played the series may think of it as just some zombie horror game, but in reality, Resident Evil delivers one of the most expansive stories of any game around.

Assassins Creed
I love these games. This game hit us by storm, and put us in the shoes of an assassin, as we all know we wanted to be. The story is absolutely great, as you take control of Desmond, who through the help of a machine called an animus, relives the lives of his assassin ancestors. This leads to a story within the animus and outside of it.

Call of Duty
Yes, I know I have to put this on here, otherwise I'll make the COD fanboys angry. Seriously though, this game is a staple in any console owners collection. Everyone, and I mean everyone has played a Call of Duty game. It is easily the biggest FPS now, and they continue to produce solid games.

So I put COD's retarded bastard brother on the list, right? Wrong. The Battlefield series, despite not being as popular as Call of Duty, is a great series in it's own right. From the Bad Company games, to the great Battlefield games, they have changed the games when it comes to graphics and destructable environments. How many shooters have you played where explosives can tear down entire buildings?

Different than any other game I've played, Bioshock scared me, excited me, and made me feel as if every decision I made would make or break the game. It's amazing.

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Dark Souls
Thanks to the guys over at N4G for helping me realize my mistake for not putting this game on the list. Dark Souls is another one of those epic games that is just built for hardcore gamers, and as ATi_Elite said on N4G," Demon/Dark Souls brought the pain back to the RPG format."

Wow guys, I never really realized how many great game series have been released for this generation of consoles. Honestly, people seem to complain that not enough great games have been released, but this is just a list of great series, it doesn't even include great single games.
Fallout is my personal favorite game of all time. I love the setting, the FPS, and the RPG aspect of the game, and the story just makes it all the more fun. It's so open, and truly makes you feel as if the whole entire world is in your hands. There's so much to explore, adventure, kill, and sometimes be killed by.


Anonymous said...

How many games constitutes a 'Series'? I'm guessing two or even just one from your list (only one God of War on the current generation so far). It seems this article spans generations, rather than sticking to its premise of 'this generation'...

If we're talking this generation only, where is the incomparable new Batman series? Truly one of the greatest of the current generation. Where is Dead Space? Where is Infamous? And where is Resistance? The fact is, this has been an absolute golden generation for gaming, bringing some of the oldest franchises up to date (SFIV, Fifa, GT5 etc) and launching some massive new and inventive series too. I've been playing games since the Spectrum 48k, and no other generation comes close to this one in terms of the quality and scale of its output.

Anonymous said...

Why exactly do some of these series span multiple gens..There are only like 3 that are this generation GOW, killzone were PS2/PS1 Halo was original xbox. Let's not even talk about Resident Evil since that spans multiple consoles and multiple gens. Fallout 3 is basically 1 game. I'm pretty sure a series has more than 2 games

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